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Basement Games
June 10, 2014 Posted by: Phong Dinh Commented By: Jon Yuengling

As a company I am pleased with Mick and M.Y. Miniatures. His customer service is stellar. He returned all emails in 24 hours or less and once the order was placed I had the figures within the week and that was from East Yorkshire, England. If I was to fault anything is his site. It is a work in progress. But I would love for him to have pricing on the site. Not a big deal.

Beowulf figures by Mick Yarrow
January 4, 2013 Posted by: Phong Dinh Commented By: Rob Morgan

New Toys - 1/3000 ships #1 Mic
August 13, 2012 Posted by: Phong Dinh Commented By: cmnash

I thought I'd go for 1/3000th. My first toys came from Mick Yarrow Miniatures.  Although the site looks (to me anyway!) abandoned, Mick is producing the mini's and provides a very quick service - I ordered the following on a Thursday and and they arrived on the Saturday. As Mick's site is short on pics, I thought I'd post pics of the packs I got here (in the pics the label is 63mm across to give you an idea of their size):

M Y Miniatures
July 25, 2010 Posted by: Phong Dinh Commented By: Chris

He has assimilated the old Table Top ranges of classical ancients, which look okay in the on-line pics...and which I know used to be fairly popular. im not that familiar with the figs though. I also have a couple packs of the MY Villanovan Italians, and thought they were okay. I picked out my favorate figures to incorporate into an Italian Hill Tribes army. Of course...its another unique range and theres not much to compare them to. To my mind, thats the real appeal of MY Miniatures...if you want Inuit, or Gundestrop Celts or Villanovan Italians...you can use MY and have a unique army. Other selling points...they are priced right and Mick Yarrow is good about customer service.

RE: M Y Miniatures
January 11, 2009 Posted by: Phong Dinh Commented By: codekeyguy

I have dealt with Mick several times in the past. Very satisfied with the stuff I ordered, he is very customer oriented, and quick to ship. His pre-dred stuff in 1/3000 are fine for me. I would recommend him to anyone. :)